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Ramblings about famous people

I went down to Ryerson Theatre to go in the Rush line to see The Last Kiss (so I could make use of my "Pink" voucher that I got from volunteering at the film festival). Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson and apparently other people from the cast were there but being the determined cow that I am, I thought to myself that I've waited this long, I must not lose my spot! So I didn't go to the red carpet area, thinking I'd get into the movie.

Well, I didn't and I was le sad. THEY BLOODY STOPPED THE RUSH LINE ABOUT 7-8 PEOPLE IN FRONT OF ME!!! Bastards! So I wandered around looking for some coffee from Tim Hortons... that's when I came across a crapload of people taking pictures nearby College station. I poked around and found out it was some One X One event and Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and other celebs were coming. I stuck around and tried to get some pics but there were big tall people around me. One dude didn't speak English and was saying "is this actor?" pointing to his camera's LCD screen. Then another dude was just standing with his big fat head in front of me, not doing anything (i.e. taking pictures or celebrity 'stalking' kind of things). I didn't get it, they didn't seem to care much about what was going on and yet blocking my view the entire time so I couldn't take good pictures. AND when Brad Pitt showed up, that dude that was just standing watching, he started waving his arm at him, screaming "BRAD". For a non-female and non-fangirly age, I don't get the point of waving around your arm at celebs, personally.

I froze my ass off. Here are some of the pics.

THAT'S TOTALLY BRAD PITT!!! I wish I got a shot of him facing the damn camera.


Matt Damon


Penelope Cruz. I waited an extra half hour or longer for her arrival in the cold and bitch barely stopped, and just wooshed right in.

Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace


Beckie Scott (the Olympian in cross country skiing)


Wyclef Jean


I want to say this is Chantal Kreviazuk but I don't know for sure... but I did see her.

There are some pictures from the event at Wireimage.

ALSO, at my Toronto Film Festival volunteering yesterday, I saw Brad Pitt twice (once when he was being escorted to the VIP/talent elevator for the screening of Babel, and once when he was being introduced inside the theatre before the film started) and Russell Crow. ANDDDDDDDDDDD interesting story, but I was working on the Main floor at Roy Thompson Hall and we're supposed to direct people to their appropriate areas depending on what their ticket says. So this fat dude and his friend come up to me and this girl I was working with (but mostly the girl as I was a step or two up) and the friend asks where he's supposed to go. Meanwhile, I'm just staring at the fat dude thinking DUDE HE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR!!! Then I realize, OMFGGGGG IT'S MICHAEL MOORE! I wish I had realized earlier so I could say, "Hey dude. I like your work and I've read all your books, and I still like you even if people call your stuff left wing propaganda", though I'd probably wouldn't say all that because I am an idiot who only thinks of stuff to say after the fact, and so I said nothing at all.

I also wish I had a camera phone.


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Sep. 11th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
ahhhh that's amazing! how did you get into volunteering?
Sep. 11th, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)
Well, I at first had no intentions of volunteering nor knew how to go about it until after I was REJECTED from an internship position at TIFFG. In my wonderful "rejection phone call", the person mentioned volunteering as that was the reason I didn't get the job, so they say. So I found info via the site -> http://www.e.bell.ca/filmfest/2006/get_involved/volunteer_info.asp

You just have to attend a volunteer session, sign up and you're set!
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