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Party off the Pounds with Richard Simmons

I totally "partied off the pounds" with Richard Simmons yesterday. AND I met him, thank you very much.

 Now, I can cross Richard Simmons off my list of people I need to meet before I die. 
Next up: David Hasselhoff (the HOFF!!!!) and Bob Saget...and maybe Chuck Norris too. His "humor value" has gone up significantly as of late.





Videos I took during the workout (haha):

Video #1 

Video #2

Video #3 (inspirational speech, no more sweating to the oldies)

Video #4 (inspirational speech, no more sweating to the oldies)

My first attempt at using Windows Movie Maker to create a video~ ! It's supposed to be a joke a.k.a. not to be taken seriously. I think this fact is pretty obvious based on the video itself but apparently this is unapparent to YouTube commenters.

We went to LIFEFEST on Sunday. I mostly wanted to go because I wanted to a) meet Richard Simmons and b) take a picture with him. However, while I did meet him, I didn't get a REAL picture "with" him.
So me and my slutty friend Lesley (who at first wasn't so keen on going to Lifefest just to see Richard Simmons but I was able to work the idea so she'd want to go) went down there after I finished an exam online for my visual arts class. We got down there when the jazzexercising/partying off the pounds had already started, so we ran to the front as quickly as possible. Then some lady yelled at us for getting in her way (even though we were not, she just apparently needed a lot of space for her jazzexercising). Anyway, we DID THE WORKOUTS TOO AND IT WAS FUN. I'm tempted to buy some Richard Simmons workout videos now, again, but this time not as a gag gift for a friend. As people left, we got right to the front of the stage almost. Richard would often look into the audience to find really enthusiastic people to motion them onto the stage to join him; we SO did not want to go on the stage so everytime he looked into our section, we made sure to make no eye contact (a lesson I learned in one of my classes in which my prof likes to always ask me for my opinion of things, thinking I'm some genius on the topic just because I do well on the essays...pfft, if only she knew I B.S. everything).

Afterwards, there was a meet and greet thing and everyone was told to line up on the side of the stage. By the time we got to the end of the line, we were quite far back. Everyone before us seemed to get a few minutes with him to take pictures, sign stuff, tell their inspirational story, etc. When they got towards us, his wranglers were telling us he had to move along because he had to catch a flight. The girl in front of me told him she lost 115 lbs because of him and was crying... then me and Lesley went up, with no inspirational story (though I was planning to make one up so he'd be happy but I couldn't follow up that girl... she had real tears and everything). And he stopped taking photos with people RIGHT WHEN HE GOT TO US and then maybe took another one with some lady who forced herself into a picture with him. But anyway, I was disappointed :( Our theory is that he just hated us because he knew that we were not fans and likely there with ulterior motives, not to mention the fact that we didn't fit into his usual fan demographic. Thus, no picture of me and the jazzexercisernator. However, I did manage to get one of my head somewhat near the awesomeness that is Mr Simmons but it's all poorly positioned (thanks to Lesley, who blames my camera) and it looks like I photoshopped my head into the photo. I put the pic on my Facebook profile nonetheless because it is still amusing, albeit not REAL PHOTO WITH RICHARD SIMMONS amusing.

Lifefest is cool though, so much free stuff. I ended up with a handful of razors, pens, lotion samples, etc etc. Had we gone earlier, we probably would've gotten more stuff.

No more university classes forever :( (Just have 2 essays to do)

I'm depressed and scared. 
I looked into a MA program called Communication and Culture and it sounds interesting. I'm just looking into it now because the deadline's already passed for one thing, but I don't even know if I have the grades to go into grad school (3rd year sucked). My main qualm is what REALLY CAN I DO with a MA in something like this? Not sure if it's really all that practical =\


Apr. 4th, 2006 04:29 am (UTC)
Wow, those are some damn sexy shorts. He's a sexy beast for sure.

I've given up on the idea of MAs. They just seem like a further waste of my money and really will not help me figure out what I want to do, just delay the inevitable another year or so. So positive, I am.


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