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Fall Out Boy LOLZ


Yes, I admit it, I'm a closet-ish Fall Out Boy fan. But the fact that I liked them pre-Sugar We're Goin' Down makes me feel less lame, so shush. However, I'm not that big of a fan to actually spend my hard-earned moolah (or in my case, actually, my excess OSAP funds) on tickets to their headlining concert. So, I went with Jess and Janelle (and posse) to their free iCoke concert to see them play, mostly for shits and giggles... and also be in the presence of Pete Wentz from the infamous 'peengate' (though I sorta saw FOB at Warped Tour last summer, but we were so tired by the time they played that we just sat on the ground farrrrr away from the stage).

It said it would start at noon....YEAH, NOON MY ASS! That hobo Josie Dye from Edge 102.1 came on stage and informed us that the show would be "spontaneous". So basically we waited until past 2 fucking pm in a giant smelly and sweaty squish pit for a band whose fanbase consists almost entirely of annoying pre-teen and teenage "scene" kids (many of which were in need of some Clearasil and deoderant). I was surrounded by all these annoying, pushy young'ins who kept screaming stupid shit constantly, going crazy for the free iCoke t-shirts they were giving away like they've never seen a t-shirt before in their lives, pushing and shoving when nothing was happening on stage, and, most importantly, severely violating my personal space. This isn't even counting annoyances endured when the show actually started; I had these rabid teenage girls gyrating on me during the songs and it was quite disturbing. And it was then, more so than ever, that I realized that I REALLY need to maybe start listening to a different genre of music more appropriate for my age group. It's like all these kiddies and then a couple of 23 year olds. Hrm.

The most retarded/hilarious thing is that THERE WERE PEOPLE CROWD SURFING AND CRAZY MOSHING TO FALL OUT BOY. Like seriously. Fall Out Boy. This isn't an Atreyu concert (and their pits with their fans are quite scary in my experience) or Metallica or some shit. It's fucking Fall Out Boy. I equate this to pretty much moshing to Creed. There was this girl, who Janelle said had major B.O., who was doing some intense Chicken Dance But In a Violent Way near me and pushing and shoving like crazy... whilst screaming MOSH MOTHER FUCKERS. She annoyed the shit out of me so I, the little weakling I am, pushed her as hard as I could... and various other folks who pushed themselves into me. It was at least a nice time to get my aggression out on people I'll never see again :) Not that my pushing and hitting really had much of an effect, so next time I do one of these things, I'll pump myself up and shoot up some steroids so I can really kick some ass!!

Eh. I'm too old for this. When I got home, I was so sore and my feet hurt like hell from the 3 hoursish of standing around. Back in my younger days, when I used to be a bit of a boyband/bands/singers/etc stalker, 3 hours would be nothing (hell, I waited over 12 hours once for *cough*Hanson*cough* a very cool band). I'm so senior citizen now.


Video #1 (See that girl in the brown tank top? She's the Chicken Dance But In a Violent Way chick. She makes a few appearances in these videos)
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4
Video #5

I was actually a couple rows away from the front of the barricade but the barricade was soooo far away from the stage. Boo.


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May. 14th, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
And it was then, more so than ever, that I realized that I REALLY need to maybe start listening to a different genre of music more appropriate for my age group.

That's exactly how I feel whenever I go to a show. I really can't even stand for more than a half hour without my feet and/or back getting to many anymore. I feel like such an old lady. There are so many bands I wish I could see live but I know I never will because I couldn't deal with the conditions or the crowd.
May. 16th, 2006 11:04 pm (UTC)
I know eh? I love the concept of seeing live bands, I just hate everything else that is related to seeing live bands. So I've been to significantly fewer amount of shows in the past 2 years (and not just because my friends don't like the same kinda music as me).
May. 14th, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
hey! I was there! Right near where you were cause my pics look axactly the same and are on the same angle lol. What time did you get there? Grrr. I hate waiting. at least it was nice and sunny.
May. 16th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
Oh I got there pretty late...

I got there maybe around 11:10 am or so. But when I got there, there weren't many people. In any case, I didn't stay around to stake out a spot when I got there - I just joined my friends at the back, near the entrance.
Feb. 17th, 2013 07:43 am (UTC)
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