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I saw Conan O'Brien yesterday at the Elgin Theatre, where he taped show #2 in Toronto.

It was quite spiffy. We sat on the bottom floor on the far left. I probably wouldn't have gotten the semi-good seats if it weren't for Derek (a la "Josephine's Derek") who waited in line for me as we (me and Josephine, who accompanied me downtown so she could get her ghetto-guitar-in-a-garbage-bag fixed) hustled over from York (which is hella far from the Elgin Theatre). But dude, the line up was hugeeeeee, there were tons of people there and even if you had reserved tickets, you weren't guaranteed in (there were more tickets given than seats available). But we got some free soup from the Primeau people and some hot chocolate [in a small cup] from Starbucks. It wasn't too cold, luckily, but I did start losing some feeling in my fingers.

The guests were Michael J. Fox, some guy who made moose calls and Nickelback. The show was hilarious, especially when the guy who did moose calls came on and Conan attempted to make some moose calls too. The only sucky part was when some ASSWIPE in the audience screamed out "FREAK" (re: the guy who did moose calls) and then the guy heard, seemed like he was hurt by the comment - his facial expression went from happy to suddenly sad (like that episode of the Simpsons when Ralph went to see Krusty with Lisa). I would've been. What a pisshead, what's the point of calling him a freak? I felt so bad for the guy :(

Well, after the show, Conan signed stuff for the front section. But since I was way off to the side and not really in the near front, I ran like a maniac to the front whilst jumping over seats and people and jackets and bags. It was sort of funny. I was leaving the mob of people, after I had gotten Conan to sign my ticket, as I saw Derek smushing his way INTO the crowd. Man, I rock with my "crazy seat jumping-ness". Luckily too 'cause he had to go shortly after. Anyway, then I got Max's autograph before he left and most of the band's as well. As you can see from the crappy scan above...

And the day started off sort of shitty. I had to write an exam for my Language and Gender class. The class I only bought the course kit to THIS WEEK and the textbook last week. Long story short, I studied my ass off the day before and everything I studied wasn't even on the exam. In fact, I probably could've done well on the exam without even doing any of the readings. I hope I did well at least.

Well last night was awesome because I went to the Something Corporate, Days Away, Mae, and Rx Bandits show.

I thought Days away was alright, they weren't very "musically exciting" for me. The lead singer seemed to always have his eyes closed.

Yeah my hand wasn't still and it got all wonky. I CALL IT ARTISTIC!

Rest of my commentary with many pictures!Collapse )

And sadly, last night I lost $12 worth of TTC tokens. ARGHHHHHH! I'm pissed off about that still.

Okay this post took quite a long time to put together. I gotta start writing my sociology paper and start studying for an exam on Monday soon!!!

My bird is moulting!

My poor little birdy is going through a moulting period. He had some bald patches and there was an assortment of lost feathers all over the ground (I could make a pillow with these feathers - well, a very SMALL pillow).

Now he's growing in new feathers on his little noogin and he looks quite ugly (hideous) at the moment. He's got these "pin feathers" on his head that look like "individiually wrapped" new feathers (or as someone else says: stick like things that if you touch it, you can see that it is a feather still growing in). And for some reason, this really grosses me out.

The DURING picture

And now for the CUTE, AFTER picture!Collapse )

Welcome to Gayload USA

This weekend I went to Michigan...it was, um, interesting. And did anyone else know there's a town in Michigan called GAYLORD?!! I didn't and I was rather amused by this. Heh.

Here is a "pictorial commentary" or actually a "photo log" of the weekend.

Lotta pictures ahead!Collapse )

We got home late last night and then today, it's back to uni with classes starting up again. Crap the place is literary packed with 1st year students. I could barely walk from point a to point b without almost walking into someone. Damn double cohort. Ugh.